“Yes. Site Specific”
 / 6th January, 2014


“A Brief History of Terror”, 2013.

The foyer of Ace Hotel, Shoreditch: a map depicting bombs that have exploded in central London since 1968.

The Dead Boys
 / 2nd December, 2013


Written and designed by Scott King: a new quotation “ART IS MERELY THE EVIDENCE OF A LIFE WHOLLY LIVED”. Attributed to the lead singer of The Dead Boys, Stiv Bators (22 October 1949 – 4 June 1990). Commissioned by FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais as a permanent artwork for the facade of their new building.

“A Room For Nick”, Lira Hotel, Turin
 / 20th November, 2013


A hotel room designed by Scott King. Dedicated to the late, great, Nick Sanderson. You can stay there. lirahotel@soniarosso.com

“Excerpts From A Better Britain” (Southend-on-Sea)
 / 23rd October, 2013


Mumfordised / (see also Mumfordisation): Describing the successful transformation of a once rundown urban area into an inner-city rural idyll. Mumfordisation most commonly begins with a single (non-chain) coffee shop acting as a nucleus, around which other businesses spring up— vintage and cycling shops, real ale pubs, rustic cafes —until the whole area is transformed. A fully successful transformation then becomes known as a Mumford Quarter. The ultimate goal of Mumfordisation is to reconstruct whole cites as a series of interlocking hamlets; and though there are not yet any completely Mumfordised cities as such, there are adjoining areas of London that, as acknowledgement of their commitment to Mumfordisation, are now demanding to be officially rebranded as Stoke Mumford Newington and Hackney Mumford Village.


Gorm-less / Ka-poor: New terms used to describe the few unfortunate towns and cities in Great Britain that have not been culturally and financially regenerated by the construction of a gigantic public sculpture designed by Antony Gormley or Sir Anish Kapoor. Towns such as Gateshead and Middlesbrough, which can boast a Gormley and Kapoor sculpture respectively, have benefitted enormously in recent years, both reporting record-breaking drops in crime rates as well as ‘all time low’ unemployment figures. Not surprisingly, this has created a culture of envy amongst their neighbours. Public demonstrations and even rioting in the Gorm-less/Ka-poor towns of Darlington, Hartlepool, Redcar and Stockton eventually led to these areas securing the promise of a forthcoming Kapoor public sculpture of their own.

 / 10th September, 2013

Aerial view of Manhattan

Heavyweight sculptor proposes radical solution to fix failing US/UK relations.

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